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Our Story

Suzie, her family and their staff would like to welcome you to Little Haven Farm. We acquired the farm in 2020, enabling Suzie (a primary school teacher) and her family to return to their farming roots. Bit by bit the small yet rather beautiful place turned into what we know today. Very shortly after taking over the farm, we were given the opportunity to rescue animals. Two by two (a little like Noah's ark) the animals came to live with us here and Little Haven Farm was born.  
The last two and a half years have been challenging and we nearly didn't make it through. After 15 months planning permission was granted and in September 2022 we officially opened. However, it wasn't to last as some inaccurate information had us applying for the wrong licenses and then we were forced to close. Some wonderful people came to our aid and gave us the correct support and advice and now we are back open and raring to go, fully equipped with the correct training of animals and exhibition licence.  Yippee!
So, what now? Well, we are open to the public which supports the work we do with the rescue animals here. Rescuing animals is not cheap, and there always seems to be a never-ending list of associated costs. We are uniquely shaped to take on animals which are a little outside the box such as goats, sheep and of course our two beautiful reindeer. Going forward we want to give schools, colleges, community groups and much more, the opportunity to come and visit. Inspired by a childhood love of farming, animals and agriculture teamed with a passion for education, Little Haven Farm's vision is to open our doors to the public and work hand in hand with local schools to allow young and old alike to learn about animals, farming and the relationship from field to plate in the most eco-friendly and 'hands on' way possible.
To find out more, please click on our educational visits tab and find out what we have to offer you. 


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Easter bunny
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