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Welcome to Little Haven Farm, My name is Suzie. I am a qualified primary school teacher and the lead educator here. This is a quick introduction to who we are and what we’re all about.


So, little Haven Farm started almost by accident in 2020. As a farmer's daughter, it was a lovely way to get back to my roots. We started rescuing and taking on animals (including our two beautiful reindeer) and the vision of opening to the public started. We have hit many hurdles since then but I am pleased to say that we have overcome them and are now open to the public.


As an educator, education is a huge part of who I am and what this place is all about. We all know that learning is important and in our classrooms we can and do teach fabulous lessons. However, we can do lots outside too and this is where we want to come in. As well as teaching about animals, farming and sustainability we want to teach about the work we do and animal welfare. The RSPCA and other welfare groups are actively seeking animal welfare to be brought into the curriculum and actually we couldn’t agree more.


Furthermore, we are uniquely placed to offer fully immersive, hands on educational visits which link to the curriculum from September 2023. I am happy to tailor any visit to the needs and requirements of your class or group and not just relating to science. You want to link it to your topic such as WW2 or the Victorian’s? No problem. You need it to link to your DT food project and sustainable food and farming? No problem. Please get in touch and we will discuss what it is that you need.


We are also able to offer different experiences for those who cannot get to us. We are able to provide you with virtual experience videos (including live lessons) and possibly us coming to you. As I hold a full DBS, I can visit your school including bring some of our smaller furry friends.  I am also happy to come along and take part in any career days you may be holding in school. I am happy to discuss both my chosen careers. 


Do you want to come before September? No problem, get in touch and we will see what we can do.

I hope this gives you a little insight into who we are and how we can help you deliver that immersive, sticky learning for your school. Please send a message, email or give me a call on 07712389242 (out of school hours only). We cannot wait to hear from you 🙂

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