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As an animal rescue centre, we look after many animals and have a waiting list for animals to come and join us. This makes us really sad that we can't help more! Our staff are volunteers and we receive no outside funding sources apart from donations of food and money for our projects. Read below to find out ways in which you can help us to give the animals in our care the love, attention and welfare that they deserve and expand our site so that we can help more. 

Donate an amount

The cost of living crisis and interest rates are affecting not just our bills but also feed and bedding. Basic care needs are costing much more than we could ever have anticipated. Just £15 will buy a bag of animal feed. Please click the button below to donate a bag of feed. Thank you x


Keep Jacob and Robin Together!

Jacob and Robyn are our two beautiful kids. Jacob being a boy will soon need to be separated from his mum and sister unless he is castrated. This will require a vet to be involved and an operation. Obviously this will incurr costs and care afterwards. Please donate to help us keep our little goat family together!

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