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Reindeer Hire & Experiences














Make your event special by including our beautiful reindeer. Sven and Daisy are available for weddings, parties, Christmas events, Galas and so much more. 


Our reindeer will arrive at your event accompanied by  our experienced handlers, who will help you view and (in most cases) feed and pet the reindeer. The reindeer will come with a fenced enclosure and may be able to be walked around your guests (subject to all checks completed) . 

Our experienced (Enhanced DBS Checked) handlers are present throughout the hire, not only to ensure that the animals are safe and well cared for, but also to interact with the children and adults to ensure that all those questions have magical answers.

Reindeer hire can be for between 2 to 8 hours. Reindeer hire prices vary and are structured to each individual event. Prices start from £379 for a 2-hour visit plus travel. Reindeer are herd animals. Therefore, we always have a minimum of 2 reindeer per event.


With every event we attend we will provide you with a:


Detailed risk assessment

Our performing Animal Welfare License

Animal Welfare statement

Our £5 million public liability and employers’ liability documents

PDF Fact sheet that you may wish to print and give to guests/pupils etc.

To find out more please contact us or send an email to

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